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Altea is a picturesque coastal town located in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. It's known for its white-washed houses, cobbled streets, and a beautiful church with a distinctive blue dome that stands out against the skyline. The town is situated on a hill, providing stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Altea's old town is characterized by its bohemian charm, filled with art galleries, artisan shops, and quaint cafés.


TRAM Local transport system(Apple and Play store app) "TRAM d’Alacant":

Price from Benidorm to Altea (TRAM, Alsa): 1.5 EUR

Price for Serra Gelada Park: FREE


What to do?

1)   Historic Old Town

2)   Serra Gelada Natural Park – don’t miss the Olla mines.

The Olla Mines were primarily used for the extraction of ocher, a pigment used historically for coloring and painting.

3)   The old bunker in Altea, located within the Serra Gelada Natural Park, is a relic from the Spanish Civil War era. This bunker is part of the defensive fortifications built along the Spanish coast during the 1930s.




1: The rocky coastline of Altea, while scenic and beautiful, may not be the ideal choice for traditional sunbathing, especially when compared to sandy beaches.


2: If you are feeling adventurous, you can walk from Serra Gelada Natural Park to Benidorm (the distance is around 5 km).


3. In order to see the bunker walk near the beach. (not a good idea, if you hate rocky coastline).

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