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Cartagena is a historic port city in the Murcia region of southeastern Spain. Founded by the Carthaginians around 220 B.C., the city boasts a rich history visible through its numerous ancient ruins and architectural landmarks. Notable among these is the Roman Theatre, which was discovered in the 1980s after being buried for centuries.


Price from Benidorm to Cartagena ( Alsa)

First you need to take Alsa bus from Benidorm to Murcia: 5.5 EUR

And another bus from Murcia to Cartagena:  7 EUR

If you are lucky enough, maybe you can travel with Blabla car.

What to do?

1)    Roman Theatre Museum: This ancient Roman theatre, dating back to the 1st century BC, was only discovered in 1987 during a routine construction. Restored beautifully, it now includes a museum and is one of the main highlights of the city.

 Entrance:  6 EURO


2)   National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA): This museum holds treasures recovered from underwater.

Price:  3 EURO



1.    Its tricky to find the entrance to Roman Theatre Museum (just follow the signs that you see around the location).

2.    Cartagena has a port rather than a beachfront, so if you want to swim, consider to go other locations (ex. La Manga).


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