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Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Looking for a place less crowded than Barcelona?

Valencia might be THE place for you.

Valencia is a vibrant and picturesque city located on the eastern coast of Spain, along the Mediterranean Sea. 

It is the third-largest city in Spain, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and a unique blend of modern and traditional influences.


Local transport system(Apple and Play store app) "EMT Valencia":

Bus ticket (city): 1.5 EUR

Airport to city center: 

Metro (line 3 or 5): 5,8 EURO

BUS: Aero bus: 2.5 EURO

Top 3 objectives:

1)   Oceanografic 

The largest aquarium in Europe is L'Oceanogràfic in Valencia, Spain. It is renowned for its extensive size and diverse array of marine life, housing approximately 45,000 living creatures from 500 different species.

Price: 34 EUR


2)   City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is a futuristic complex of striking architecture and cultural significance. Designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, this complex is a marvel of modern design and engineering.

Official website:

3)   Biopark Valencia (check the other article)

4) Túria Park

Is a verdant oasis in the city stretching over 9 kilometers, created in the drained riverbed of the Turia River after a catastrophic flood in 1957. This expansive park, opened in 1986, is a favorite for both locals and visitors, offering walking and cycling paths, sports fields, fountains, and gardens.

Stores: LIDL, Mercadona


Tip 1: You can combine Science Museum with Hemisferic ticket

Tip 2: Biopark Valencia its similar to Loro Park in Tenerife

Tip 3: You can find the best Jambon and bread in Mercadona Stores

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